Friday, September 19, 2008

Zinc Details

While living in San Francisco, by far one of my favorite stores to visit was Zinc Details. Light and airy, Zinc Details not only provided a modern and clean respite from the rest of the world, but also an inspiring and fun collection of everything from barware and furniture to flooring and personal accessories. It would never fail that I would walk out of there with some modern goodness for a gift or (on a good day!) for myself. Now, living away from the city by the bay I am glad they have a great online presence where I can continue to shop their fantastic selection! Click here for the blu dot rocker featured above. 

Whenever I shopped at Zinc Details, I always admired this Uten Silo Board and couldn't wait for the day that this great piece would hang on my office wall. Perfect for any room to help with organization, I always pictured it filled with colored pencils, pens, scissors and all those other office goodies! 

This glass teapot has and continues to be a favorite design of mine. The 1920's Bauhaus design is timeless and delicate and the pyrex glass withholds the heat. My favorite part of this teapot is watching as the tea diffuses through the water. Amazing! 

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