Friday, September 12, 2008

McMaster & Storm

Check out McMaster & Storm for an eclectic mix of knick knacks and goodies for you and your home. Many of their products have a cute European flare and their amazing product photography make it a little too easy to take out the credit card! You can see the  vintage charm featured above here

Some of my favorites at Mcmaster & Storm are: 

Fun Grande Polka Dot Bowls. My polka dot fetish rears its ugly head! I see polka dots in bright colors and I have to have it! Available in eye popping colors to brighten any meal. 

Rich and textural bird paper. Frame this beautiful print in an equally handsome frame and you have yourself a great focal art piece. 

Reminiscent of an olden time, these air mail envelopes remind us of when people actually wrote letters to one another! Available in a pack of 25 wrapped in bakery twine. 

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