Friday, January 30, 2009

Jacqleen Bleu

I discovered the amazing work of Jacqleen Bleu through the lovely Sara LeeAnn @  The Bunny Cage and haven't been able to stop looking at it. Her beautiful photographs are haunting and thick with dreams and feeling. I love the colors in her work- the cool blues, the perfectly used black and whites. I have always loved photography, its great to look at it and goes perfectly in any home. There is nothing like a beautiful, perfectly placed photo to add depth and introspection to a space. Click here for the fantastic "No Cars Go" featured above. 

Love this one entitled "Your Intentions, Up Yours." My favorite part of photographs are deciphering the artists underlying meaning and this one is pretty clear! 

I love the layers of this one, "Flesh Canoe". The colors are gorgeous and clean. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dillon Designs

Looking for some beautiful baubles to gift to yourself or someone you love on Valentine's Day? Check out Dillon Designs, which features pretty hand made beaded pieces, as well as (my favorite) unique acrylic rings that are true pieces of art and a great price too! 

I was really captivated by these very cool acrylic rings when I first saw them. With many designs available, you can find the perfect one just for you and at $8.00 you really can't beat it! The rings are acrylic and stamped with waterproof ink , then edged with permanent gold ink. I love the simplicity of them! So many beautiful ones, its hard to pick a favorite- but I do like this cool Stag Ring

Cute Blue Bunny necklace. Part of the Wallpaper Forest Collection. The bunny has been hand cut from acrylic. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sarah Seven

I love the work of independent Portland, Oregon based clothing designer Sarah Seven. All of her pieces have beautiful romantic details, but at the same time are completely wearable and have a fantastic modern composition. Pretty, comfortable and wearable are my criteria for clothes and the factor of timelessness is important too. You can find all of this in the pieces by Sarah. You can order a custom made Flock dress, featured above, by contacting her through her etsy shop, right here

If you are looking for the perfect LBD look no further than this Fancy That Dress. This dress is lined and made out of black crinkly gauze. I love the length, great with leggings or tights or flats on a warm date night! Featuring a bow and two rhinestones at the top. 

I have always had a thing for creamy white dresses and this one is perfection. I love the layered silk bottom and the simply cut bodice. So elegant! 

Wool, cashmere ruffle scarf- I love the fun of this piece. Can be customized in terms of length and color, but I think the red is pretty great !


Monday, January 26, 2009


Happy Monday! Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and is looking forward to a productive week- I know I am! Starting off the week, check out the work of Chicago based designer Amy Allison and her beautiful and eclectic product line, Soda. Starting off as an interior and furniture designer, Amy has fine tuned her skills and has created everything from beautiful wallpapers and textiles to quirky and sweet clay pieces. You can take a look at her website for info on her wholesale collections of fabrics, wallpapers, clay and paper products as well as visit her etsy shop for unique one of a kind pieces. 

Pretty and simple porcelain buttons. Love the hand knit, sweater texture. 

Check out this adorable porcelain camper cup. Beautiful interior glazed with a sleek celadon color. I love the way the cup folds over itself...

I love this natural flax Belgian linen pillow. Hand screen printed in turquoise an image of building blocks- great little accent pillow! 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday and Limited Edition Branch Handmade

Well, everyone another week has come to a close! Still lots of work for the weekend, but at least we can relax a bit in between! Just wanted to post this new design we created for Branch Handmade, a limited edition XO pillowcase set just for Valentine's Day- only available until February 14! They were also featured on one of my new favorite blogs The Bunny Cage (Thanks, Sara LeeAnn!)  Have a great weekend and we will see you all next week! 

Blue Bell Bazaar

As we our impending move creeps closer the interior designer in me is screaming to get out; envisioning our next living space. We haven't even begun a house search and yet I am already decorating in my mind! One great little etsy shop that I discovered is Blue Bell Bazaar- they have a beautiful and elegant selection of vintage pieces that, in my opinion, breath the perfect bit of airy whimsy into a room. I am eagerly anticipating my upcoming purchases- I might just have to buy the shop out! Click here to purchase the vintage fish box featured above. 

I love this vintage Gentleman Jar. Perfect to fill with all my colored pencils in the office, an array of white soaps in the bathroom...I'm a sucker for clear glass jars and vases and I especially love this one with the funky sticker on it! 

I've got my eye on this vintage wire basket- great to fill with all my back issues of Domino, Elle Decor and Living Etc. 

I need this vintage sign for the studio! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Product Spotlight: Constellation Wingback Chair

We've talked about the great work of Spruce before, but I came across one of their new creations, the Constellation Wingback Chair, and nearly cried at how beautiful it is! I cannot get enough of this fabulous piece, just check out the detail! The solid black fabric is embellished with individually sewn, white felt circles that scatter about like little stars, all of this sitting atop some sassy black lacquer feet. 
Someone needs to give this beauty a place in their home! Just imagine it sitting next to a bright red side table....

Paulette Edition

I recently discovered and fell in love with the beautiful work of Switzerland based artist Iris Schwarz who is the creative mind behind Paulette Edition. Inspired by antiques and romanticism, Iris creates beautiful illustrations, much of which have a Victorian inspired edge.  One of my favorite parts of her work is the unexpected elements that are often mixed together as well as the simple lines and colors that she uses. I definitely have my eye on a few things! Click here for the simple Seven illustration featured above. 

Horsewoman is the illustration that made me fall in love with Iris' work. I love the shape of the horse and the beautiful innocent face. Also, that outfit is pretty great too!  

Very cool, Tandem set of three cards. Printed in black ink on heavy cardstock. Great detail on the faces! 

I love the look on this girls face. Also, don't miss the pretty bird detail on the top of the drawing! Click here to purchase Beginning. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Trixie Delicious

I can't believe how cold it is today! To look on the bright side, the cold really lends itself to endless cups of hot beverages... tea, coffee, hot chocolate! Pick your poison! Whatever you decide on, a hot beverage is always better when it is consumed in a cute and stylish mug or cup and the "vandalized vintage" pieces of Trixie Delicious perfectly fit the bill! I love Seven Deadly Sins Coffee/Tea Set featured above. Vintage 1960's mugs in assorted colors with text added depicting the seven deadly sins. Click here to browse her etsy shop. 

I have also been loving this Trash Mug from afar. I love the retro orange stripe on the saucer and the shape of the mug is perfect.   


Makool is a fresh, fun and young clothing line based out of Portland, Oregon. Founded by Anisa Makhoul, her pieces evoke a feeling of whimsy with beautiful shapes and comfortable fabrics. I absolutely love the silhouettes! Click here for the elegant, grey Sparrow dress featured above. You can shop their line available through their etsy shop right here

I love this adorable lilac hoodie. As someone who works from home and is very active, I love to wear warm comfortable clothes that are wearable and something that I can move around in. This piece definitely fits the bill! Perfect for layering over leggings or skinny jeans with boots or flats.  
Check out the Johansen Wrap Dress- making hemp and organic cotton look fashionable! Featuring vintage blue glass buttons and deep side pockets. 

Easy to wear puff sleeve top. I love light blue color and the neck detail. Very Alice in Wonderland-esque! 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Product Spotlight Ara Chest

I couldn't resist posting this beautiful and award winning chest. With its simple lines and high quality natural Italian veneer this amazing piece will take center stage in any room.  In 2007 this chest was on display in the Museum of Decorative Arts, Berlin, Germany. Fantastic! You can click here to purchase

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Purves & Purves

Purves & Purves is a UK based online design store that is focused on quality, contemporary home pieces. With a keen eye for design and utility Purves & Purves is guided by four basic criteria in selecting pieces to join their ever evolving collection of home pieces: Is it well designed? Does it mesh with their idea of good design? Is it well made? and Is it a good value? Check them out and see how they did. Click here for the bright Pantone mugs featured above. 

Very cool chemistry inspired table lamp. Featuring mouth blown glass- you can also impress you friends with a way you turn the light on and off as well as dim it... Slowly pass your hand horizontally over the top to turn the light on or off and wave your hand up and down in front of it to dim it. Designed by Airswitch by Mathmos. 

I love these cheerful, round bellied buddhas! Perfect desk accessory to keep envelopes and papers organized! 

Traditionally designed British deck chairs. These chairs remind me of campaign furniture, or chairs scattered about on an old time steam ship. These cotton sling chairs are also decorated with fun, famous quotes.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cafe Handmade

Good Monday morning! Hope everybody had a restful weekend! We are so excited to have Branch Handmade highlighted as the featured artist on the fantastic website Cafe Handmade. Created by Kerri and Len Testa, Cafe Handmade was established to provide designers and artists an outlet to promote their work through a "virtual craft fair."  Be sure to explore all the talented artisans featured, you can also read our interview right here.  
You can purchase the vintage car leggings featured above, right here

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Suck UK

Suck UK is a London based design duo producing and dreaming up amazing items that can be used in almost any home, gallery or public space. They also feature various pieces designed by other fabulous designers. I first discovered them when I bought this nifty little Bottle Opener Refrigerator Magnet- I mean how convenient (well, at least it is for my fiancee for whom I bought it for...) After perusing their website I really fell in love, not only are they innovators that aren't stuck in a box, but their designs are tasteful and forward thinking while at the same time pushing the envelope of the ordinary. To say I am a big fan would be an understatement. Check out their amazing site and eclectic products and be sure to read their "story" section, its funny and inspirational for any driven designer determined to make it in their industry. Click here for the very cool Wooden bulb Light featured above. 

Loving this Fire Bucket BBQ. Enameled metal bucket emblazoned with "Fire" converted to a portable barbeque. Great for an afternoon cook out at the park! Designed by Adrian Allen. 

Very cool ceramic flower vase replicating three guns designed by Suck UK. Flower stems get dropped in the barrel- perfect for an eye catching centerpiece on a coffee table- this will be sure to catch you visitor's attention! 

This teddy bear lamp is too funny not to include! Yes it may seem a bit macabre to those of you that treasure your stuffed friends, but there is no denying the fact that this piece is certainly unexpected! Featuring a black shade and pump teddy body. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Product Spotlight: Modern Privacy Screen

I am and always have been a big fan of indoor/outdoor living. There is something about a comfy, overstuffed sofa in the middle of the grass that just screams elegance and sophistication. I found these pretty screens and they are absolutely perfect for creating and dividing areas within your outdoor living space- made of UV treated polyester fabric, these screens can also hide a neighbors disheveled yard or any other unsightly view. The screens come in a number of colors as well as sizes, you can even get custom sizes made if need be. You can check them out right here

Monday, January 5, 2009

Design Lab Shop

I discovered this cool online vintage shop awhile ago, and I have been searching for the site again to post it here. Its taken awhile, but luckily here it is! Check out Design Lab for beautiful vintage wares for every room of your home. With tasteful photography and simple, well edited descriptions Design Lab was created by Cara Piscitello who uses her eye for architecture, interior design and graphic design to create an ever changing array of quality, vintage products. Click here for the coral and white striped bowl featured above. 

I love these cool milk glass zodiac mugs. Featuring a matte black glaze and gold graphics, these mugs make the perfect gift, just pick out the correct astrological sign!  

Sweet swedish glass ducks. Created in a stunning cobalt blue glass, these cute objects evoke a serene quality. Perfect for a sunny window sill for the sunshine to shine on! 

I have always had a thing for vintage clocks and this one is perfect! This one reminds of a 1950's newsman, can't you just imagine the impeccable top hat and skinny tie? Featuring glow in the dark hand. 

Lili and Loo

I love the website for the brick and mortar home store of Lili and Loo. They have an amazing variety of merchandise that includes furniture, home decor and lovely little accents to fill up any nook and cranny. Lili and Loo began as a couple of tables at the Green Flea in New York City, but quickly decided they needed a permanent address and opened a store in Hudson, New York. Balancing a taste for worldly delights with a sophisticated edge, Lilli and Loo has the bases covered for the home! Check them out here, or if you are in their neck of the woods stop by their store @ 259 Warren Street. Click here for the brushed steel chest of drawers featured above. 

I was immediately in love with this black terrazzo outdoor dining set. It is perfect for the english garden of my dreams! I love the simple lines, heavy look and dark color  juxtaposed with climbing roses and potted gardenias. I could definitely host some evening cocktails here! 

Beautiful matte glazed ceramic bowls. I love the organic curves and how they look rough and hand hewn. 

Elegant bird on a branch sculpture. Life sized and made out of brass. Pretty for a mantle. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 and new Branch Handmade Site

Happy 2009 to everyone! Hope that everybody had a restful and fun filled holiday vacation! I had a great holiday, although it was not particularly restful... We made it a working vacation and we are very proud to announce the launch of our brand new Branch Handmade website. Click here to check it out, and learn a little bit more about us and our company. I have so many great new stores and products lined up for the new year! See you all on Monday! 
Hope you like the feather pillow cover that was inspired by The Lacquered Peacock! You can purchase it here