Monday, September 15, 2008


Pomme is an absolutely beautiful and simple Brooklyn based retail store focused on catering to children (and the parents of...) under the age of 6. They do an amazing job curating items that are both imported as well as Brooklyn made, vintage and modern. To add to the forward thinking of Pomme, they often have great events in store for those that are lucky enough to live in the area- coming up they are having in store children's photography which will be displayed in the store and later in store haircuts! Can't beat that! Check out Pomme online or visit their brick and mortar locale @ 81 Washington Street. Check out the beautiful blocks featured above, here

For your little dreamer, check out this amazing, retro Toadstool Night Light. I don't know about you, but I want this! Made in Germany out of molded resin, this night light will definitely help with sweet dreams! 

I am a big bowling fan, so I instantly fell in love with this beautifully crafted bowling set. Made by Japanese company Chigo, this set is carved out of hinoki wood and comes in a burlap sack. Would be perfect as decor on a shelf. I love the simple, clean lines!  

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