Tuesday, September 30, 2008


UMA is a cool little online store with a unique and inspiring collection of goods from assorted vendors. They carry all types of things for the home, including glassware, textiles and flooring. I was immediately drawn into the premise of the store upon reading about how the business came to fruition- Mike Finan, the owner, writes about how UMA was created after an accident where two buses collided hitting him and his dog, Uma, who unfortunately didn't make it out of the accident. Inspired to fulfill a dream, Mike created UMA and named it after his best friend who had passed on. Check out all that UMA has to offer, you can click here to see the Kor Water Flask featured above. 

Ok, who can resist any type of art that can be applied to the toilet? Check out the Stikko Sub, which is adhesive and can be applied to any smooth surface of the home. I absolutely love this and the idea! Available in a variety of designs including the the deer and crown designs. 

Awesome die cut floral leather floor runner I love the pattern and the smooth texture. This piece would look amazing down a dark wood floored hallway.... Created by Bev Hisey. 

I know you all know about my obsession with glassware- so check out these Vintage Tumblers. Set of 4 festooned with a vintage style goblet, black and white. 

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