Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pillows and Throws

I am currently enjoying how summer is quickly melding into fall here on the east coast. Every morning I wake up and the morning air is brisker than it was the morning before... anyway as fall approaches I always become enthralled with bedding and excited to allow my fluffy down comforter to re-emerge from its summer slumber. As I was trying to figure out how to update and add to our current bedding I decided to take a peek at the offerings at Pillows and Throws and as usual everything is calling my name. Click here for the Dwell bedding featured above. 

I usually do a bright, printed coverlet for the summer and change over to simple plain white duvet for the winter, but who can resist Amenity's amazing use of color and pattern? I love their organic and natural silhouettes and this color palette for the Willow duvet cover is perfect for fall. 

Nothing is more important for bedding basics than a luxe throw for layering and to cozy up with around the house. I love the bright design of this Missoni throw with its signature featured pattern. This lambswool blend throw is definitely a splurge, but very worth it! 

Last, but definitely not least- you always need a fun, light throw pillow to add a little beauty and texture to you bed. I love this Thomas Paul designed Perch throw pillow, the perfect finishing touch for a cozy bed. Ok, now I have to go finish making mine! 

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