Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Boodalee is a designer bedding company that specializes in creating duvets, sheet sets and throw pillows that are geared toward children. Inspired by a love of minimalism, but wanting to capture the essence of childhood, Boodalee has created a number of collections that sparkle with their signature pattern designs. From a castle pink design for girls to the blue cityscape for the boys you will find great looking modern designs at Boodalee that will suit your child's youthful spirit without hindering your design aesthetic! You can see the city collection featured above right here

Check out these Circus Pillows. Now, I know they are geared toward kid's but these would be great as decoration on a side chair in the living room for an adult! These pillows are not only cute to look at and are multi dimensional with two graphics per pillow (one on each side), but they are eco- friendly too, silk screened with certified non toxic pigment and filled with fiber spun inserts from corn! 

My favorite Boodalee set is probably the Trees Collection. Perfect for either a boy or a girl this set features a five color trees and animals pattern and there is even a sheet set that goes with it, in a orange wood grain print. Available in twin size. You can pick one up for yourself here

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