Monday, September 15, 2008

Deadly Squire

Deadly Squire is a design company that creates items for both the home and self. Created by a humorous and artistic husband and wife team, Deadly Squire has produced a line of products based on six distinct patterns that take their inspirations from nature and daily surroundings. In their line you will find all types of great items, from simple fabric napkins and totes to trays and ties all adorned with their signature pattern selection. Make sure and read their funny product descriptions and check out their cute line drawings, all add to the cool factor of Deadly Squire! Click here for the rectangular pillow featured above. 

My favorite pattern of the current Deadly Squire collection is definately Black Birds After the Harvest. I love the dark quality of the black birds and black leaves against the green back ground. That being said, I love the round tray in Black Birds pattern. Perfect for party serving or just to have hanging around... Made of Swedish birch veneer. 

Feasting at the Berry Bush is an adorable and bright pattern. It looks great on the dog bed and is machine washable made out of cotton canvas. 

Check out this cute baby bib in Groundskeepers Cameo print. Perfect for a stylish gift and made out a quilted pima cotton and fine terrycloth. 

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