Friday, October 31, 2008


One of my favorite online resources for fun and fabulous goods is Willow. They have an amazing selection of home accessories, cute stationary and other goods that I can never seem to get enough of! Another great feature of their site is a section devoted to "boys" to help out with gift shopping for the men in your life- I know sometimes I have a hard time with that! Check out their great stuff, you won't be disappointed! Click here for the assorted selection of awesome Rehabilitated Dishware designs  featured above. 

I love this adorable porcelain Chimnea Candle Holder. Designed by David Weeks, this cute piece makes you warm just looking at it! Comes with an LED powered tealight and warm yellow glow to light up a room! 

Amazingly beautiful! I love this Pascal chair, made from recycled aluminum and styled after a classic 1940's style Parisian chair. Would be great on a secluded deck or as an unexpected design element  in a hallway piled with books... Love it! 

Fantastic Cul De Sac dishes. I love the vintage styling and fun images! Designed by Laura Mckibbon. Check them out here

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