Friday, October 31, 2008

Cocktail Vibe

I am definitely almost ready for Halloween cocktail hour and this online shop is right up my alley! Check out Cocktail Vibe for all things barware, from glassware and shakers to coasters and table decor to brighten your space. We are getting ready to move soon and I keep looking at the immense amount of vintage glassware I have collected and thinking about how much bubble wrap and boxes it will take to move it safely... and yet I continue to peruse glassware... Click here for the pretty Gold Chisel Martini Glass featured above. 

Cool Rococo Acrylic  Candelabras to brighten up a festive tabletop setting. Loving the colors, a little crazy, but with the right dish ware would be amazing! 

Being a martini connoisseur, I have amassed quite the selection of martini shakers- most of which I don't use, but I have not seen this style before- the stainless steel bottle shaker, pretty cool!   

Check out the Ghost Flute (didn't we mention Halloween cocktail hour, sounds perfect!) Set of Four in a box, ready to give as great gift!

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