Thursday, October 9, 2008

Product Spotlight: Ghost Tree Coat Rack

Coat racks always seem like a good idea to me, in theory. Then, when I actually see them in a real home, they just look like a big mess with piles of sweaters, jackets and scarfs  on top of each other, so you never really see the coat rack... Being that I am not one that likes clutter or piles (except maybe books or magazines) I really fell for this Ghost Tree Coat Rack. This is much more up my alley, its more sculptural and although I know it is supposed to provide a function, in my home I don't think even this coat rack could convince me to use it for its intended purpose! 


Miss Grace said...

I have a jewelry tree that looks a LOT like that.

The Lacquered Peacock said...

Jewelry would definitely be prettier on something like this than coats, at least then you could still see the tree and the jewelry would add a pretty bit of sparkle!