Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Product Spotlight: Ibride Tables

I am a hug fan of the French design company Ibride. I have posted about their beautiful trays previously, but I wanted to do a special post highlighting their innovative and whimsical furniture collection. The company name, Ibride, is inspired by a French play on words derived from the term hybrid and their table collections are entirely reflective of this terminology. I love animals and love furniture and, in my opinion, the combination of the two usually creates something worth looking at or talking about! So take a look at the great table works by Ibride- you can shop their collection through Velocity Art and Design at their Ibride Shop
The Bambi Console Table is featured above. 

Amazing Diva Red Ostrich Table. Made out of laminate with a wood core, this table features intricate lattice work and a beautiful color. 

I love the funny Zelda Red Basset Stool. I can definitely picture the inspiration dog in this design!  

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