Friday, October 3, 2008

Pretty Bitter

I admit, I was drawn to the stationary site Pretty Bitter essentially for the humor in their card collection Dirty Doilies. Dirty Doilies is comprised of a simple and sophisticated looking card decorated with a doilie that might remind you of an older generation and emblazoned with a not so polite saying. There is something very funny about the juxtaposition of the word and the design. Besides the Dirty Doilies collection, Pretty Bitter also has a great selection of "Man Notes", cards and sticky pads. What ever you do, make sure whoever you send cards from Pretty Biter to has a sense of humor!  You can check out the featured Dirty Doilies Collection here

These sticky pads should keep you from multi tasking! Check out the I Will Do One Thing Today sticky pads- both simply designed and humorous. I guess you can always use a whole number of sticky notes with one thing to do today...

Funny and bright adhesive gift tags. Meant to be modeled after prescription labels, these tags will definitely have your gift recipient laughing! 

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