Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ink and Wit

Check out Ink and Wit if you are in need of some lovely (and often sustainably produced) paper products. Influenced by organic notions mixed with an urban appeal, Ink and Wit has a cute selection of post cards, notecards and adorable prints. Click here for the Thanks for Being So Dear notecards featured above. 

I love this limited edition Seal Print. This great print is printed with hand mixed inks on 100% cotton paper. Perfect for any room in the house, but I especially imagine it to be in a baby's bedroom or in the kids bathroom. 

Above is an image of the sold out 2008 calender. You can click here to pre order the 2009 calender which will be shipping out mid October. I love the elegant designs and how the focus is not so much on the actual calender section... 

I adore the amazing floral design on these all occasion notecards. The simple gray color is the perfect way to add to the sophisticated feel to this image. 

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