Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Inspired by our earlier post on the 2Jane lamp shade, here is a post devoted entirely to the 2Jane website. 2Jane is a great company that has an array of products from extremely talented independent designers. Their focus is to shine a light on this pool of talent and bring it into the mainstream. Here is the link for the amazing champagne glasses by Wellmadeproducts featured above. 

I love these snowflake inspired light fixtures from Innermost. These would make perfect holiday decorations in a window.... I love decor that can be used for the holiday or any day and is festive without being too cheesy, these definitely fit the bill. 

Ok these are ridiculously cool... Check out the Mr. and Mrs. Jones Juicer by Polly George. I am big on the citrus fruits and any excuse, from drinks to salad dressings, to juice an orange, lime or lemon is good enough for me! These hand made juicers would do the just the trick and are stylish at the same time. Suggested as a fun wedding gift too!

Check out these unique black glass placemats. Can be used as trivets or held onto for special occasions, the sleek black glass decorated with a white design is set up on rubber feet to protect the table top. Beautiful and elegant. 

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