Friday, October 24, 2008

The Runny Bunny

I discovered this amazing etsy shop which is run and features the work of artist Robin VanValkenburgh, The Runny Bunny. Currently she is doing amazing sculpture work that takes its inspiration from the ceramic hobby enthusiasm that was pervasive during the 1970's. Much of the work that she is doing is cast from vintage molds and that is evident in many of the designs available. I happened upon her work and was instantly in love, largely due to the colors that she uses- I am especially keen about lime greens and whites and many of her pieces are done in those colors, although there is definite variety to choose from. Click here to purchase the unicorn featured (and my personal favorite!)

Look at this great idea- lipstick (or really anything) holder for your bathroom or bedroom. Usable art is the best!

Cute little, 3 inches tall, glossy black owl. Pick it up here

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