Monday, October 6, 2008

Rock Scissor Paper

Check out Rock Scissor Paper if you are looking for personalized (and non personalized) stationary, fun gifts, vintage inspired journals and all kinds of adorable paper products, all infused with a fun spirit and adventurous patterns. Being someone that is always writing notes to people, I am always on the look out for all kinds of new stationary and thats how I stumbled upon Rock Scissor Paper. Check it out for yourself, I am sure you will find all types of great products! Click here for the moving announcement featured above. 

I am absolutely ordering this immediately! I always loved to color as a kid, and there have been times (you know that rainy, winter Saturday afternoon) where I have yearned to break out a coloring book and color the day away. Now you can color something besides jungle animals or Disney characters! Check out this adult coloring book featuring unique modern architecture all printed on recycled paper and leaving plenty of room for expressing your personal design taste! 

Cute Horse Coasters. Printed on heavy duty recycled paper, these coasters come in a multitude of fabulous prints and are a great gift idea! 

Usually our bbq parties are pretty casual, impromptu get togethers, but if I was organized enough to actually send out invites to my summer bbq event these would be the perfect choice. You can order these blank or personalized. I love the retro fun vibe. 

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