Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Simplemente Blanco

I am constantly going back and forth in my design philosophy between a wild color palette and a soft clean ultra simple white palette. Pretty much, all it takes is for me to see an inspiring interior or furniture pieces in either one and I am sold... Looking at the site for Simplemente Blanco, I was immediately pulled to start ridding myself of all brightly colored pieces and start collecting clean whites, and natural woods. Check out their inspiring collection of clean textiles and fresh lighting- before you know it you will be throwing out all those colored ceramics and patterned throw pillows! Click here for the amazing wire knitted lamp shade featured above. 

I love these pretty and simple log candle holders. Anything with exposed bark and natural lines works for me. Topped with simple white candles and they are ready for a mantle or dining table top. Check out the selection here

I really like the handmade feel of these pillows with the block printed letters in green. The green on the white is the perfect color combo for a fresh feel. You can check out Simplemente's great pillow selection here

I wish I was organized enough to think of storing my soil in a pretty soil bag like the one featured above. Usually my gardening dirt is a disaster, falling all over the garage and generally making a mess. Maybe I should consider one... Check out the other cute gardening supplies available.

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