Monday, November 3, 2008

Blu Dot

I have loved Blu Dot furniture for a very long time. I love how it has a cleaned up industrial look to it without too much over the top, unnecessary frilliness. It is what it is and it is fantastic! Clean modern lines, I love so the Blue Dot style is right up my alley! Check out their great collection online, and you can view the great looking Real Good chair here

I'm not usually big on armless sofas, (where do you rest your head when your watching movies), but I might be able to make an exception for Clyde... I love the lines and the tubular legs, check out the Guacamole upholstery option! 

We are looking for a new bed- our bed is in fine condition, but now that we have two dogs that are each over 50lbs, well a Queen isn't cutting it so much! The Blue Dot Nook Bed might be a good option. I love the headboard with the comfy area in the corner to curl up in. I know Olive and Pixel would enjoy those! 

Desk 51 is the perfect desk solutions for those that are space challenged. With great lines and basic and essential work space, this desk can fill your work needs without filling up your room. 

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