Monday, April 20, 2009

Product Spotlight: BH Orchid Pant

So, we were finally gifted with an amazing weekend here weather wise and its about time!!! With a beautiful 70+ degree day, TK and I decided to take the opportunity to go take some pics of our new Orchid Print Eco Pant at the beach. Bringing along our furry friends, Pixel and Olive may not have been such a smart idea because before I knew it Pixel had pulled me (and our new pant design) into the water. Luckily the weather was warm and it all ended with us getting some great product shots of the new style! You can pick up a pair of your own, right here- and don't worry, as always, yours will be brand new, never have gone for an ocean swim!


Amy said...

Those are awesome - how long are they? I am 6 feet tall and have problems finding pants long enough and those are gorgeous!

The Lacquered Peacock said...

Hi Amy! Glad you like the pants! Sadly, my sister has the same issue as you- she is almost 6 feet too and she bought these pants and they were too short on her!!

knack said...

love the shots you got!! I need to order more product! People are eating it up here!! xoxo