Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pen Pencil Stencil Wallpaper

In honor of Earth Day, we thought we would post these beautiful and fun wallpaper designs printed on recycled paper by Oakland based design studio Pen Pencil Stencil. Featuring original designs that has been hand screen printed with water based inks, this is the perfect example of "trash" being turned into treasure! Now go ahead, get to work plastering this beautiful work to your walls, but before you go using that toxic wallpaper paste available at the local big box, check out this eco friendly diy recipe that you can use instead! Happy Earth Day!


Souvik said...

Nice wallpapers. personalized pens are just great.

shinn said...

I think one of the best mementos I've had to honor Earth Day were personalized pens which bear my name and a quote about environment. I still have the pen with me today and I haven't bought any other one in recent time.