Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alicia Bock

Photography is most definitely one of my favorite forms of artistic expression. A good photographer is a good storyteller and can make magic from an object that may appear to others as being mundane or typical. It is for these reasons that I am entranced by the work of Alicia Bock. Her photographs have a wonderful vintage feel to it and looking at it takes you on a trip to another time- where things are a little less face paced and life was simple... I am loving all her summer inspired pieces right now- and the best part is that her pieces are priced affordably, some even under $20! "End" featured above.

"Hush" is part of Alicia's "Through the Viewfinder" series in which she combined an Argus 75 viewfinder camera as well as a digital camera to create a soft looking, imperfect photograph. I love this !

"This is a Memory" was taken with an antique sx-70 poloroid. Layered with typewritten text.


Amy said...

Love her work - and the prices!

Annette said...

love the pictures!