Wednesday, April 1, 2009


And who doesn't love knitwear? Check out FLOCKS, created by Rotterdam based designer Christien Meindertsma. She works with a flock of craftspeople including designers, knitters, felters and farmers to create beautiful and unique products in a broad spectrum of categories. Her pieces are at once basic and luxurious and her unique design perspective brings items and materials together in an unexpected and utilitarian way. Check out FLOCKS website here and all the beautiful pieces available.

OMG! Talk about beautiful luxury! Check out this amazing rug. I want it, I want it! Hand knitted from the wool of 18 merino sheep. Beyond fantastic!

Yes, I know you might be a wee bit "poufed out" here at the Peacock, but I couldn't resist this fabulous little knitted pouf. I love the color and the great idea. Very unexpected.

FLOCKS also has a great little fashion collection. Including the mittens featured above, hats, cardigans, scarfs etc. All made from a variety of luxurious knitted material. Perfect for bundeling!


knack said...

awesome stuff! xo

fringe said...

i'm going to figure out how to make that dang poof for myself. i adore it!


The Lacquered Peacock said...

I want one too! There stuff is so amazing and looks so soft!