Thursday, January 8, 2009

Suck UK

Suck UK is a London based design duo producing and dreaming up amazing items that can be used in almost any home, gallery or public space. They also feature various pieces designed by other fabulous designers. I first discovered them when I bought this nifty little Bottle Opener Refrigerator Magnet- I mean how convenient (well, at least it is for my fiancee for whom I bought it for...) After perusing their website I really fell in love, not only are they innovators that aren't stuck in a box, but their designs are tasteful and forward thinking while at the same time pushing the envelope of the ordinary. To say I am a big fan would be an understatement. Check out their amazing site and eclectic products and be sure to read their "story" section, its funny and inspirational for any driven designer determined to make it in their industry. Click here for the very cool Wooden bulb Light featured above. 

Loving this Fire Bucket BBQ. Enameled metal bucket emblazoned with "Fire" converted to a portable barbeque. Great for an afternoon cook out at the park! Designed by Adrian Allen. 

Very cool ceramic flower vase replicating three guns designed by Suck UK. Flower stems get dropped in the barrel- perfect for an eye catching centerpiece on a coffee table- this will be sure to catch you visitor's attention! 

This teddy bear lamp is too funny not to include! Yes it may seem a bit macabre to those of you that treasure your stuffed friends, but there is no denying the fact that this piece is certainly unexpected! Featuring a black shade and pump teddy body. 

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