Friday, January 30, 2009

Jacqleen Bleu

I discovered the amazing work of Jacqleen Bleu through the lovely Sara LeeAnn @  The Bunny Cage and haven't been able to stop looking at it. Her beautiful photographs are haunting and thick with dreams and feeling. I love the colors in her work- the cool blues, the perfectly used black and whites. I have always loved photography, its great to look at it and goes perfectly in any home. There is nothing like a beautiful, perfectly placed photo to add depth and introspection to a space. Click here for the fantastic "No Cars Go" featured above. 

Love this one entitled "Your Intentions, Up Yours." My favorite part of photographs are deciphering the artists underlying meaning and this one is pretty clear! 

I love the layers of this one, "Flesh Canoe". The colors are gorgeous and clean. 

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