Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Purves & Purves

Purves & Purves is a UK based online design store that is focused on quality, contemporary home pieces. With a keen eye for design and utility Purves & Purves is guided by four basic criteria in selecting pieces to join their ever evolving collection of home pieces: Is it well designed? Does it mesh with their idea of good design? Is it well made? and Is it a good value? Check them out and see how they did. Click here for the bright Pantone mugs featured above. 

Very cool chemistry inspired table lamp. Featuring mouth blown glass- you can also impress you friends with a way you turn the light on and off as well as dim it... Slowly pass your hand horizontally over the top to turn the light on or off and wave your hand up and down in front of it to dim it. Designed by Airswitch by Mathmos. 

I love these cheerful, round bellied buddhas! Perfect desk accessory to keep envelopes and papers organized! 

Traditionally designed British deck chairs. These chairs remind me of campaign furniture, or chairs scattered about on an old time steam ship. These cotton sling chairs are also decorated with fun, famous quotes.  

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