Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Well we got hit by a surprise snow storm last night and this morning. Todd got to stay home from work, so even though I had some work to take care of we took Olive and Pixel to play in the snow. Its the most its ever snowed since we have lived on this coast and the dogs certainly enjoyed. Pixie had a blast easting snowballs and digging, everytime I go into the backyard she emerges from a "snow hole" with her face covered in white. I have some fabulous store and product highlights to share- so stay tuned the rest of week, after the storm has passed...

The snow almost covers Pix in the backyard.

Todd throwing snow balls for Pixie to catch... brain freeze anyone??

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knack said...

happy snow day!! We had snow here as well.... fun ,fun!! xo