Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Gardening

Although the weather is feeling pretty close to wintery out today, we did some spring cleaning of the garden over the weekend which got me very excited for the impending spring planting season both indoors and out. Cleaning up the mess left by the winter winds- dead leaves and over grown grasses always brings a sense of newness, like everything is starting over and it also inspires me to bring more outdoors in- more fresh flowers and potted plants to bring a cheerful vibe that we have the summer months to look forward to! I can definitely imagine myself hanging around in this comfy sling chair admiring a beautiful garden and basking in the summer sun.

If your not much when it comes to gardening or maybe you live in a city and don't have the luxury of a garden, check out Monkey's Always Look. They send you a ready made kit with easy to care for succulents, organic potting soil and a variety of cute, vintage containers to pot them in. I love this cute vintage toffee tin. Perfect!

I have been eyeing up these modular window boxes since last summer. I really like window boxes, but I always feel like they have a country, traditional vibe to them. I really love this particular one because it has a simple, clean design to it and you can add brightly colored pots to create your own unique collection. Perfect for our herb garden!

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