Friday, February 27, 2009

Erica Weiner Jewelry

I have been a fan of Erica Weiner Jewelry for a long time, but I just discovered that she had a shop on Etsy.  Based out of Manhattan, Erica began designing jewelry in 2005 with an emphasis on creating pieces that were made from antique and vintage pieces. Her pieces have a wonderful non-precious aspect to them that makes them both wearable and treasurable. I think thats the part I like most about them- they look rich in history in their antiquity, but because she uses antique and vintage findings she is able to keep the price reasonable. Click here for the oversized plastic studs featured above. 

These  rose gold plated mesh bracelets are something I have my eye one. I have always been a fan of rose gold, I love the femininity of it and that mixed with the delicate mesh and clasps are absolute perfection. 

Fabulous YSL enamel zipper pull earrings. I love the thought process that went into these. Navy Rectangles emblazoned with the classic YSL logo in a pretty copper are destined for some very stylish ears! 

Orphan Annie Bracelet. Original medallions used for promotion of Ovaltine (yum, used to love Ovaltine as a kid!) in the 30's decorate this chunky chain. 

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