Monday, February 9, 2009

Vintage Bi-Plane cardigan and More...

Good Monday Morning! I am happy and looking forward to this week- I think the weekend of fresh air, yard work and 55 plus degree weather helped to revive my tired spirit! Todd and I embarked on a trip to the midway to take some photos of some of our new pieces. It seemed like a great back drop and it proved to be a fun and inspiring trip. It was one of those days when the light is perfect, the weather beautiful and instead of a sad, closed down boardwalk the pastel rides popped and jumped off the sky blue back drop. Click here for our new Bi-plane cardigan featured above withe the fortune teller! 

The carousel was whirling around, I love the lights and the horses! 

This photo of the ferris wheel came out amazing- I love the pastel colors of the buckets, so perfect! 

Photo we took of the midway. Usually still, closed down rides give me the creeps- guess I have seen to many horror movies, but today the rides looked cheerful and ready for the Spring! 

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