Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Packaging Inspiration

T and I have been working on a little Branch re-brand, mainly re-doing our packaging. When we first created the packaging we currently have, a little over 2 years ago (whoa!), we were kind of rushed to get things done and we quickly turned it out. Its exciting now to take some time to create something a bit different. I have been checking out one of my fave sites for inspiration The Dieline and of course was immediately inspired by all the beautiful work.

Of course, I fell hard for the packaging created by Colorado based Moxie Sozo for soap line Leap Organics. The illustrations are so amazing- I think these would definately pop on store shelves. Gets ya thinkin'....

Created by Edmindson/Martin for a tropical fruit company. I am drawn to the bright, vibrant floral design and the way it wraps around the box. So fresh!

"Sweet" packaging by HartungKemp. I love the simple pastels and the way the stickers are placed. So much great inspiration!

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Wishful Nals said...

i LOVE fun packaging! it should be as nice as the gift inside :)