Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Organization!

For some people the new year is all about those typical resolutions: lose weight, go to the gym, stop smoking... I am not one who really does the whole resolution thing, but the new year always seems like a great time to clean out the extra clutter and reorganize yourself after you have cleaned up the holiday fun! We here at Branch Handmade had an incredible and busy holiday season, and my office is looking like it needs some serious love, so I am just going to jump right in and clean up whats in front of me with the help of some great vintage office inspiration! Featured above In and Out Baskets from Tipple and Snack.

I could really use this great looking mid century file tray. My paperwork is way out of control right now, with very organized (thats what I tell myself) piles adorning just about every surface- I swear there is a sofa in here somewhere... I love the soft color and the fact that its not plastic!

How cute is this? Vintage storage case originally used to hold slides, but I'm thinking pens, staples, paper clips, business cards; all those odds and ends that find their way into my desk drawer.

Perfect to hold my orders that need to be filled! Great looking industrial rotating stamp holder. Another great piece to get all these piles of paper organized! Now that I have inspired myself I am off to find that sofa that is buried in here somewhere...

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