Monday, December 1, 2008

Terra Furnishings

Take a look at Terra Furnishings if you are in the market for eco-friendly decor for your home. Inspired by being environmentally conscious, Terra makes an effort to sell products that are hand made from sustainable materials and made in way that has a low impact on the environment. They have a great selection of goods ranging from furniture and home accessories to jewelry and beautiful glass pieces. Click here for the pretty Bowling Pin Vase featured above. 

I love the wood grain on this Center Twist Stool. The shape is so beautiful and organic. Perfect for use as a little, movable end table or for extra seating when guests are over!

One of my favorites on their site is this Timber Block Table. Made from reclaimed Monkey Pod wood, this stool cum planter (featuring a hollow interior can be easily reversed and used with your favorite foliage)  has an amazing textual quality to it. 

Check out this amazing colander. Definitely, not your typical kitchen utensil- this amazing piece is not only beautiful but functional as well. Made from 100% natural materials and coated with a lead free glaze.   

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