Monday, December 8, 2008


Grounded is a great brick and mortar store located in Encinitas, CA. With a mission to feature items that blend modern, clean design with an influence in nature, Grounded carries numerous quality brands that reflect their similar design aesthetic. Along with their retail store, Grounded is also a licensed landscape architectural design service, so while you are decorating your indoors they can help you take care of your outdoors as well! Click here for the fabulous Verner Patton bowls featured above designed with his premier 60's textile design. 

Fantastic gift idea! I love this Eva Solo Self Watering Pot. Perfect for your friend or family member that is always traveling and their poor plants suffer the fate of dehydration. Features a set of self watering wicks that draw the water from the glass base into the soil. 

We have featured these ventless fireplaces before, but I really like the shape of this Blomus Fireplace. Perfect for compact living! 

On this freezing, windy day (its 8 degrees with the windchill!) I am about to make a big pot of tea for the rest of the afternoon. This pot would be perfect- nice to look at and does its job! 


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