Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Trees

While my mind has been lost in a cloud creating new holiday designs, and printing orders like a mad woman- the weather has begun to change and it really feels like Fall. I love the weather getting cooler, but it usually means the assorted chores that ensue- putting the tank tops away and bringing out the sweaters, putting that extra blanket on the bed and needing slippers at night instead of having bare feet.

Yesterday, I got done with work while the sun was still out and got a chance to hang outside with the dogs for a bit. Looking around I noticed that our enormous tree is the only one on our street whose leaves have yet to change, or fall off... T just keeps telling me there are a whole lot of leaves up there that still have to come down. I am eagerly anticipating the leaves changing from green to orange to fire engine red.

Have a lovely weekend! I will be spending mine racking the front yard, where we have another giant tree whose leaves are definitely falling off already! xo

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