Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Re-do

Good morning! Hope you all had a lovely weekend- luckily for us the rain stopped here for an afternoon (finally) for Todd and I to (almost) complete our garden re-do. I thought I would share the results with you all!
We have been slowly working on our side yard, as it was a complete mess when we moved in. After a lot of weed pulling, mulch laying and patio building we finally have something that we can sit and enjoy! Check out the before and after below.

The yard was pretty much weeds, barren "grass", dirt and piles of leaves when we moved in. We pulled all the weeds, put in two garden beds and a little brick patio as well as sprucing up the lawn with some grass seed. We have plans for adding a grape vine and honey suckle, but at least all the tough work is done for now!


Salut, Shoshana! said...

Nice, neat and new. I like it.

The Lacquered Peacock said...

Thanks! Could't agree with you more... so much cleaner, now if only the flowers would hurry up and grow!