Tuesday, March 30, 2010


With Spring supposedly here, I definitely have gardening and plants on my mind. I'm happy to say that despite my sometimes not so green thumb our favorite plants have made it through the Winter, and they are very ready to get back outdoors. With the impending extra room that will be had when our enormous palm tree and lime tree make their way back to their rightful place on the deck, I am thinking about creating a terrarium to take their spot. I was perusing Terrain for inspiration and found so many goodies that I can't wait to get started!

Such a great gift idea, this Baking Dish Herb Garden, looks so organic and whimsical! I think I have few vintage dishes lying around, I'm excited to give this look a whirl!

This is gorgeous, but may be a bit ambitious for me. My track record with orchids is embarrassing, I think I will be sticking with succulents and moss, you know the stuff that can't be easily killed! I will keep you posted on my progress! xo

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seo consultant said...

What a remarkable creation. i've tried once when i was still in college, growing a rose inside a bottle and i was so proud of myself.