Thursday, August 28, 2008

French Paper

French Paper, a family run paper mill that has been around since 1871, is a great place to find everything from amazing printed stationary and envelopes to kitchsy gifts created by Pop Ink and the French Paper Company. French Paper has also been a pioneer in conservation by powering their paper mill with a hydroelectric generator in the river at the base of their mill. You can also find a selection of recycled products which they began offfering in 1953. (Don't Feed The Animals plate above.)

Who can't use some fun patterned paper for wrapping gifts, printing on or using for a collage project. Best part? You can customize the colors, finishes, sizes and more. For all the fun options available click here.

Love this Pop Ink Set of Four Soaps. Great gift, or to keep for yourself! Not only are the soaps great to look at, but they are made in the USA of all natural essential oils. 

Adorable Decor-a-Board, available in a variety of whimsical designs. These are ready to hang and made out of recycled wood scraps and portions of unused lumber. You can check out the Little Red Samurai, I could not resist this fun combination! 


Home Furniture said...

I will look around their site for sure. I was unaware of them and appreciate the tip.

The Lacquered Peacock said...

Glad to help!